Do I eat like this frequently?? No way!

But is it a problem? Nope.

A good friend once told me, “Eat the 🍩!”

Niran Al-Agba😘

I did exactly that today and I plan on doing that moving forward.

Not literally but figuratively.

I plan on doing what sparks joy without feeling guilt or needing justification PERIOD.

💎 I will set healthy boundaries around work and personal life

💎 I will take the trip alone, just because

💎 I will prioritize mental health and fitness for ME

💎 I will be an example of what’s possible

💎 I will not question if I am enough

So when you keep seeing all the ads and post about being fit, exercising, meal plans and making goals…….. I want you to ask- WHAT’S YOUR WHY?

If it truly sparks joy- DO IT!

If it will eventually spark joy but you don’t have the motivation now- DO IT!

You will thank yourself later.

But if you’re living your life to please everyone else and fit in- SCREW IT!

So my friends ……… Please eat the 🍩 of LIFE!

Happy New Year!

Let’s slay 2022 together!


Payal 💗