BIRTHDAY WEEK for me!!!!! 🥳– 40!

I’m throwing myself a dance party in my backyard.

Yup you read that right! I’m throwing MYSELF a party.

Why freakin not??!!

I don’t need someone to give me something I want.

I can give it to myself.

This was really hard for me to understand before ,but not anymore.

Now I treat myself to whatever I desire without any guilt.

People are not mind readers.

Even if they knew what you wanted, what if they didn’t want to or couldn’t give it to you?

Do you go without what you truly desire.


You are just as valuable as those you love and provide for.

What if we could 💗 ourselves enough to give to US?

I shared of pic of myself doing a DIY string light project over the weekend.

Of course it didn’t workout perfect at the end but I learned to PIVOT and come up with a plan B.

Stay tuned for exciting news all week!


Payal 💗