A couple weeks ago I was ranting to my coach about how schools were providing minimal in person time to the kids? It has been bothering me of awhile and I was basically loosing sleep over it.

I felt like we were at the mercy of the board to get the kids back to what was best for them. I was truly frustrated and angry.

In my mind, it was all about JUSTICE and ADVOCATING for the children (my need to fix things).

I was certain that this needed fixing and I was the one who needed to fix it.

But then my coached asked me a really thought-provoking question that changed my entire perspective, allowing myself to release all the angst. It was as if a weight was lifted off of me. My chest felt lighter.

One spimple question: What if nothing has gone wrong?

I sat there speechless, and that’s pretty hard for someone like me. My mind was blown! We had a tough but empowering conversation about the story I’ve been telling myself.

What I then realized was that I’ve been doing this subconsciously my whole life………..relationships, friendships, career (the list keeps going)

✨ What if nothing has gone wrong in my relationships?

✨ What if nothing has gone wrong in my friendships?

✨ What if nothing has gone wrong at work?

✨ What if…….

I learned a powerful lesson that day. I felt more at peace with life and all the “stuff” that happens around me. I know I can’t change others or situations but now I can accept and act from a place of love and compassion.

I’m sharing more about how you can let go too, and why changing your perspective is such an important tool to break free from self induced anxiety.