Its been over 2 years and this is a big deal for anyone who has invested and believed in themself to do something new, unique and the road less traveled.

If I let fear, uncertainty, and anxiety decide whether or not I choose me then I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I let myself feel all the discomfort AND I still believed in what’s possible for ME.

I know this is just the beginning but the sky’s the limit. ( for all of us)

How did I get here?

🔥Asking for what I wanted


🔥Investing time, $$, and energy in ME

🔥Not walking on egg shells

🔥Not being a sacrificial lamb

🔥Not asking others for permission

🔥Being willing to mess up, be wrong and fail

What do I have to celebrate in the past year?

🎉Successful LIFE COACH for women ( special interest Asian professional mamas)

🎉Made history at The Life Coach School by being the 1st Asian woman to speak on stage ( audience of 1800 amazing coaches, including my own)

🎉Earned 100K for the first time in 12 months in my non-doctor career

🎉Reinvented myself with Brooke Castillo live on stage

🎉Advanced Deep Dive Coaching program completed with Bev Aron

🎉Put myself in a room with an amazing Business coach Stacey Boehman. Round one almost done and accepted to round two.

🎉Learned to love my body and prioritize health/strength over appearance

🎉Coached over 1000 hours- 1:1 and group

All of the above has allowed me to live authentic, in abundance and inspired.

I created all of it. And if I can live my best life, so can you!!!

If you’ve been hesitating or considering reaching out for your free coaching consultation, please don’t wait anymore.

I want to help.

Let me show you how.

I know it may seem impossible right now but so did I.

Gift yourself 1 hour to see what’s possible for you .

I‘d love to finally meet you. 💗