I didn’t think I would ever feel this emotional at spin class but this girl stole my 💜

She helped a fellow class member because he was vision impaired.

Every time our instructor told us to change our gear or positioning she made sure he knew.

I kept watching her and couldn’t help but feel gratitude for women like her.

She didn’t do it for any personal gain. It actually was a little distracting but she didn’t care.

Her unconditional love in spin class on a ☀️ LA morning left me inspired.

I know that this is just a tip of the iceberg for her and she has a passion for helping refugees but I needed to see this for myself.

When we show up authentically as ourselves, we have no idea who is watching.

Her compassion left a ripple effect in my heart💗 and I can not be more grateful for my village.

The village I created because I show up and open to give and receive.

Lessons learned-

1) Beauty and kindness is everywhere

2) You never know who’s watching you

3) Community is so important, especially for women

4) we take for granted the basic things in life,

stop and give thanks