I got REINVENTED this past weekend when Brooke Castillo, founder of The Life Coach School, asked me to come up to stage to get coached.

I thought I was raising my hand to ask a question and instead my mind was blown- YET AGAIN.

She asked me what I thought I wanted coaching on but she instead opened up this little box I had tucked away for years.

It was some of the best coaching I’ve recieved.

That’s what coaches do.

Coach you on what you need, not what you want.

I am so grateful that I showed up 💯 with no resistance.

That’s my gift-I am open and vulnerable when I get coached.

It takes a good coach to make you feel safe and that is exactly what I do for my clients.

What have you been keeping tucked away?

What is it costing you?

I am the perfect person to help you explore that secret box safely so you can create the life you truly desire without guilt, shame and judgement

I am opening up my coaching program for 10 amazing women ready to finally choose them in all aspects of their life.

I chose me every day now.

Looking around the room of super elite coaches that invested $$$ in a reinvention course and intimate LIVE event, I didn’t find a single person who looked like me.

If I can be a trailblazer for my people then you can do anything!

I can’t wait to meet my amazing clients who have been lurking and waiting for a “good time” or things to get “bad enough.”

Well it’s time. Live your best life now.

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