I’m got good at them.

Never have been.

And that’s ok.

I’m taking my Integrative Medicine Boards in 2 days and I’m not super excited about it.

However, I’m not dreaded it as much as I use to.


I told myself this test means nothing about me or my ability to be an amazing Integrative Pediatrician.

Now that the pressure is off, I’m retaining way more info.

I still find myself getting distracted and avoiding a little but that’s ok. 📺📱🍲

I’m not going to shame myself for choosing to do something optional in my 40’s and then use it against me.

Nope- no thank you 🔥

Old me would be loosing sleep over this but as you get older, the big picture gets clearer. At least managing my own expectations has nudged me in a more self compassionate space.

My inner voice tends want to be super critical but I’m working on a kinder gentler loving inner voice.

Wish me good luck 🍀