Today I was coaching on the idea of spending quality time with kids.

We see kids acting out but really it is a cry for attention.

But there’s no extra time?

But we do spend time together doing HW, running errands, watching 📺…..

I’m so exhausted by the end of the night….

During our session we were able to uncover the concept of giving 30 min of undivided attention to each child 1-2 week. Allowing them to control what we play with and how we play. It doesn’t have to be playing in the traditional sense, even baking and gardening can be fun.

But this can only happen when we start giving ourselves 30 min too. It allows moms to come from a place of wholeness.

Made me think about how I’ve been showing up with my kiddos recently.

I decided to pick up my kids and be present for the rest of the day. Honestly I haven’t seen them this happy in a while over something so simple.

Secretly, I enjoyed it way more than they did.

It’s all about creating the balance I’m craving in the present moment. It can look different everyday.