First Day – 4th and 2nd grade!

They were ecstatic to go back after their epic summer- Kauai, St. Louis and then NJ/NY ✈️

I love seeing the world through their eyes and reliving my childhood.

We didn’t have much but my parents always gave us what we needed and more.

Now I get to give my kids all the things and experiences but most importantly I get to love them with zero strings attached.

⚡️They don’t have to get straight A’s

⚡️Be the top of their class

⚡️Get into a fancy school

⚡️Or become a Doctor, Engineer, or Lawyer (acceptable professions in old school DESI homes) l

I am so grateful to my own life experiences and my certification in life coaching.

I am breaking the generational cycle of

🔥Striving for perfection

🔥Caring what “people” think

🔥Needing validation from others

🔥Attaching my self worth to performance

Best investment of my life and my kids life- hiring a life coach

Now we all get to live in freedom within

Don’t wait for when…..

Decided now is the time


Payal 💜

Life Coach for Women of Color in Medicine