I’m a person who lounges when I fly.

That was never true before and life was still good.

But I no longer wanted to have a “good” life.

I wanted more.

No one was going to hand that to me.

I had to create that. It started with giving myself permission to dream bigger.

I didn’t know if it was possible.

Believing that I could choose something new was so freeing for me.

I am a person who doesn’t feel guilty when I’m away from my kids.

I am a person who meets random people and doesn’t hesitate to share my true self.

What kind of person do you want to be?

What can you give yourself permission to dream?

Doesn’t seem possible right now.

Not a problem

I coach women to start dreaming something new.

Freedom to say no to the in laws when they want you to bring the kids over on a weekday.

Freedom to schedule in your “me” time before the day starts

Freedom to ask for a raise or better schedule

I am the coach for women of color

I am the coach for Asian working women

I am the coach who brings culture into my coaching because it a a real thing and a part of who we are.

Message me if you’re ready to dream