FREE TRAINING: How to stop caring what the aunties think

If you know me then you know this goes against everything I believe in.

Dr. Payal Patel Ghayal is Certified Life and Parent Coach for women physicians and an Integrative Pediatrician. She helps women to start advocating for themselves, and experience greater fulfillment and happiness.

I’m not talking about the early alarm.

I’m talking about my drink.

I’m a Starbucks kind of girl and this is all they had at ONT today.

I’m on my way to a LIVE REINVENTION event with My coach Brooke Castillo from @thelifecoachschool

So I thought, why not? Try a new drink and see how it feels. Question why I do things the way I do and ask if I like my reasons. Is it possible to choose new?

Of course it is, if you’re willing to feel a little uncomfortable.

I have reinvented myself in the last 40 years many times

– Indian American Identity

– physician

– wife


– entrepreneur

And now as a LIFE COACH for WOC on medicine

Coaching has been the best tool I have given myself to live my best life despite what’s happening in the world, my family and my career.

I invested $$$$$$ in myself as a coach and I can tell you, it has given back 100x over.

Don’t wait till things “get bad” before choosing to invest in you.

You are more valuable than all the things.

Keep posted as I share about my kid free, exhilarating, and inspiring weekend with my fellow big bad coaches.

Ps- I still prefer Starbucks 🤣


Hey, if you’re ready to advocate for yourself and listen to your inner voice so you can live in freedom, wake up everyday with purpose and enjoy your work and family.

Check out my program here for more information on my 1:1 coaching.

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