Why not? Well, thankfully I had no idea how this new trail was going to look so there was no time to come up with excuses.

I just went with the flow.

Being flexible is truly a luxury available to all of us.

I don’t always choose this for me, especially when it comes to 4th grade writing assignments 😩

Knowing you can do uncomfortable things is so freakin powerful.

So many times when I coach my clients, they say…….but it’s so hard or uncomfortable to set a healthy boundary, say “No”, or close the computer.

Guess what?? We can all do hard things.

If you ever have given birth to a child- that was zero comfort but you still did it.

At least a decade of school, night call, and presenting at morning rounds felt beyond scary too.

So what’s different now???

Nothing- just your willingness to feel uncomfortable for a long term win.

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