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Episode 96

Joy is my Justice-Reclaim What is Yours with Dr. Tanmeet Sethi


Joy is available to you at all times, even in the midst of suffering.

Today Dr. Sethi joins me to discuss Joy, Justice and its connection to the brown community today.

Tanmeet Sethi, MD is an Integrative and Psychedelic Medicine Physician, activist, author, and TEDx speaker who has dedicated her career to care for the most marginalized patients in Seattle’s refugee, uninsured and homeless populations as well as global communities traumatized by manmade and natural disasters as senior faculty for The Center for Mind Body Medicine. Her first book, Joy Is My Justice: Reclaim Yours Now, published in May 2023, is a radical call to claim Joy as our birthright, the deepest liberation we can know and a path to power through oppression. She is also a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Washington and a primary clinical investigator there on the sacred plant medicine, psilocybin. In her clinical practice, she weaves modern and ancient medicine to catalyze the most profound healing. More info on her practice and her book are at her website:

Her Joy Is My Justice community is on Substack:

Instagram: @tanmeetsethimd




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