Life is not perfect and you don’t have to be perfect either. Even though we understand that, why do we keep telling ourselves that we can do better? Why do we keep telling ourselves that we can do more, have more and be more? I never wanted to think that way but I just did. But, why???

Coaching and a deep divine into myself helped me see that I wasn’t listening to my true inner voice. I thought it was me but it really wasn’t. It was the voice of society, culture, and my elders. I was never explicitly told to not live for me but they didn’t have to. I understood by observing other women, watching movies and looking to society for acceptance. 

If I was accepted by others, then I was worthy and valued.

Needing validation from others led me to be a chronic “people pleaser’.

Does this sound familiar? Of course, it does. Most of us high achieving women suffer from this illness.

But we get to decide when enough is enough!

Once you decide, you will NEVER look back again.

Can’t wait for the chosen 10 to start this journey with me. 

The deets…

  • 8 group sessions
  • 8 1:1 private sessions
  • Access to me via email during the week
  • Private FB group for community, reminders and extra content
  • 12 weeks total

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