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Payal 1.0 and Payal 2.0.

The old me was a burnt out, overwhelmed, exhausted, a lost mother, wife and physician. I was taught by society that my job as an Asian- American was to study, do well and earn my place in the world. So in my house that meant – go to medical school and become a doctor. 

Completing residency and marrying the “right” guy was one of the many things I finished on my to do list by the time I was 30. But why was I still not happy?? Maybe having a baby would fill that emptiness. Nope, that didn’t work. I did however experience true love for the first time. 

The more I drowned in the woulda, coulda, and shoulda’s of life, the lonelier I felt. I felt like all I was doing was taking care of everyone else in my life except myself. 

I felt like my life was falling apart but I was too scared to notice. 

It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I knew something had to change. I felt like I was drowning and reaching my hand out, hoping for someone to pull me out. But no one did. No one could. Coaching helped me realize that I was the only one who could pull myself out of the water. 

Once I started the journey to falling in love with myself, I grew to have compassion for myself. This led me to shed my super-doctor mom cape. I am slowly letting go of people pleasing, perfectionism, and finally learning to advocate for myself. 


freedom, passion, and joy!

I live in Los Angeles with my sweet boys and physician husband. 

Are You happy

or still pretending?