I’m on my way to mastermind with my business coach Stacey Boehman and fellow coaches.

I’ve invested time, energy and $$$$$ in me and my coaching business.

Why? Why not!

I value my mental health over anything else.

My coaching journey healed me in so may ways. I can truly say, it changed the trajectory of my life- personally and professionally.

Now I get to help women everyday get unstuck in their own lives, minds and bodies.

I coach all women but hold a special place for women of color in medicine 💗

What’s unique about me?

🔥 I have done the work and continue to grow and learn.

🔥I am open about my personal transformation because I want to be an example to others who want to live free from guilt, shame, self judgment and criticism.

🔥Culture and Coaching is my personal jam. My coaching includes the cultural, familial and generational influences in how we live our lives.

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It could change the trajectory of your life. 💗