I mentioned an inspirational talk I gave to 1800 life coaches on the biggest stage 2 weeks ago.

I was able to get the best version of my talk to share with you.

All coaches were asked to submit a 3 min inspiration piece for our first in person mastermind in years.

I thought- What the heck? What do I have to loose?

Well, I was selected and I couldn’t believe it.

My talk is titled…… “What’s in a Name?”

Only once I arrived did I find out

there would be 1800 people listening live

I was the only physician to speak on this stage

I would be the first Asian Life Coach to EVER speak on the largest coaching stage.

I was super nervous but my coach reminded me that I earned my spot in the room and on the stage. (That’s what coaches do, believe in you until you can do it yourself.)

I wanted to share my talk with all of you. I know it will resonate with you in one way or another. I will be sending it to my email list tonight. If you’re interested, sign up for my list.