Today I did a thing.

Dr. Payal Patel Ghayal is Certified Life and Parent Coach for women physicians and an Integrative Pediatrician. She helps women to start advocating for themselves, and experience greater fulfillment and happiness.

I paid for a blow out and style at the Four Seasons 😮

Yes, you read that right!

Old me wouldn’t ever think of staying at the Four Season because there was always a better deal out there.

This is the Desi girl in me- always get a bargain and if possible don’t spend $$$ on YOU!

Guess what- keeping yourself small only benefits others.

I know this goes against everything you’ve been taught but this is how we stop passing this down to future generations.

While I was in the waiting room a fellow Asian woman approached me about my work.

I shared that I was a general life coach for women and specialize in coaching women of color.

She asked for my number and even had me meet her husband and teenage daughter.

She lived in the UK but hoped that I could still help her- yes of course.

If I choose not to take care me, I would have never met this lovely woman.

If we both decided that we didn’t need a spa treatment, she wouldn’t have met someone who can help her with overcoming cultural barriers and creating a new way of thinking that she could pass down to her teenage daughter.

Next time you wonder if you should do something for YOU but the little voice in your head says, “ That kind of stuff is not for you!”

Thing again and just do it!

If this resonated with you, please reach out.

I’d love to help you too! 💗




Hey, if you’re ready to advocate for yourself and listen to your inner voice so you can live in freedom, wake up everyday with purpose and enjoy your work and family.

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