PSA- Use all the expensive skin care stuff you bought that’s sitting in your bathroom.

I got my first facial today after many years.

Why I waited you ask- yes COVID but not just that.

I was not committed to my skin care but I’ve been interested.

What’s the difference you ask? 😉

If you’re committed to something…… You do it no matter what.

If you’re interested…….. You do it when you can.

What commitments have you been saying “LATER” to and why?

Ready to change that???

Follow these steps.

1. Decide you want change

2. Choose what result you want

3. Build accountability- a person and/or plan

4. Takes steps towards goal without waiting for motivation

5. When you fall off the plan, give yourself grace and keep going

6. Give yourself credit for taking charge of your life.

I did a LIVE in my FB group today on this topic.

It’s a free group for women physicians.

Be Your Own #1 Advocate- Support for Women Physicians

What’s different about this group?

I include cultural, familial, and societal influences in my coaching.

I am a life and parent coach with a background in integrative pediatrics.

Need accountability- reach out. 💕

Check out my podcast- LIVE AWAKENED- Life coaching for WOC in medicine