I finally feel like I’m winning in life. 

Not because everything is going my way, but because I still move forward despite all of the “stuff”.

Two weeks ago I graduated from my fellowship from the Andrew Weil Center of Integrative Medicine.

What did “they” say when I wanted to join?

  • How much does is cost?
  • Is it real evidence based medicine?
  • How will you keep up with the course work?

I certified as a Life coach during the pandemic.

What did “they” say when I chose a career outside of medicine?

  • How will you make any money?
  • Isn’t it easier to just go to clinic?
  • No one is going to pay you for this

Well guess what???

THEY were wrong.

What have you been holding back on? Are you concerned about what “they” would say?

Well, I give you permission to not care what anyone says.

More importantly I give you the power to ignore that voice inside your head that’s tell you to stay small.

Of course you will be scared.

Of course it will be uncomfortable.

But what other hard things have you already done?

Med school? Child birth? Health crisis? This list can go on and on.

It’s time to ask yourself the hard question.

What do I want? What’s holding me back?

When will it be the right time?

I can answer that one for you……..NOW.

XO Payal