Last weekend, my Mindful Doc colleagues and I spent three days at the Bacara Ritz Carlton in Santa Barbara.

I had the best time ever! The first kid-free weekend in 15 months.

Packing took place until the last minute because I made sure school stuff, meals, extracurriculars, and the nanny schedule were all lined up.

It was my first solo vacation in a while, so instead of an exhausted mom look, I chose a beachy chic.

I even brought my curling iron.

It was a trip full of adventure, relaxation, and rest.

✅ Nap by the pool while reading a book uninterrupted, yup you read that right.

✅ A signature massage- completely unrushed

✅ Adult only pool

✅ First time kayaking for real

✅ Lots of food and drinks 😉

I must have been so relaxed that I forgot to check all the drawers before leaving.

That housekeeper had stowed away my curling iron in one of the bottom drawers, so I didn’t see it.

As far as I was concerned, there was nothing I could do, so I was ready to order a new one, until @Kay Rash suggested I call the Ritz.

She’s right! Anything is possible at the Ritz.

They found it and sent it back via Fed Ex in 2 DAYS!

I couldn’t understand why it never occurred to me to ask?

Why did I assume defeat so quickly?

What if I just asked more questions?

What if anything was possible?

The experience blew my mind.

While I am not shaming myself for not asking, I am very curious.

That’s all I know.

I do not have to choose to think that way now.

Anything is Possible. Why not?

I help my clients see these patterns of playing small and assuming the worst.

Then, I show them that this doesn’t have to continue.

It’s all a choice.

If anyone needs help with this, let me know.