In this online workshop, you’ll learn how to advocate for yourself by listening to your inner voice so you can live in freedom, wake up everyday with purpose, and enjoy your work & family

START LIVING AN authentic life

So you can truly experience life for what it is instead of what it should be. 

Living authentically means…

  • Make noise
  • Take up space
  • Be seen

Living in a fog means…

  • Playing small
  • Being a fly on the wall
  • Hiding the real you

Reclaim your 60 min so you can once again look in the mirror and recognize yourself…

  • Build your identity separate from being a doctor, mom, wife, daughter and sister
  • Prioritize yourself so you can give to others from a place of abundance
  • Practice what you preach- self care isn’t selfish………exercise and wellness
  • Put yourself on your list everyday, not last but first.
  • Be an example to the for the ones you care for the deepest
  • Leave a legacy behind of strength, choice and empowerment.

WORKSHOP details

Duration – 60 min

Live coaching and Q & A at the end.

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