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Yesterday I got coached about some thing that I thought I had already overcome…… PEOPLE PLEASING!

Dr. Payal Patel Ghayal is Certified Life and Parent Coach for women physicians and an Integrative Pediatrician. She helps women to start advocating for themselves, and experience greater fulfillment and happiness.

I think I haven’t been honest with you guys. I may not have been showing you my messy parts. I thought that when you saw my spelling, grammar and tech issues- you could see the human side of me.

But that’s not enough.

Yesterday I got coached about some thing that I thought I had already overcome…… PEOPLE PLEASING!

It was brought to my attention by a fellow coach that if I believe I have to have all my stuff together before getting coached by my own coach. Maybe that’s what my clients or “soon to be” clients were thinking about me.

That got me thinking that I haven’t shown you guys all the mess. Yesterday I realized that I still want people to like me and if they don’t I blame it on me.

First of all I don’t even know if it’s true, but that’s the story I told myself. It’s so easy for me to point the finger on me. It used to make me spiral and keep me up at night. I would replay the entire situation in my head repeatedly, looking for places I could have done/said something differently. ( Code for Better)

I’m working on it. So if you’re thinking what’s the point of getting a Coach if I’m still doing this, I want to tell you it does make a difference. I was able to acknowledge and accept what I was doing and let it go. This would’ve never happened so quickly in the past.

So if you think that you have to have all your stuff together before coming to me, that’s a big fat lie. The first thing I say to my clients when they come to me is “welcome to the spa“.

It’s my job to help you work through your thoughts. You do not need to have any of them put together before you come.

I challenge you to bring your mess to me and we can work it out together. We are all work in progress and that’s ok.


Confessions from your messy Coach – Payal


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